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Use our embedded players to turn in right now
Tune in using Winamp, Windows Media Player or Real Player
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Listen Right Now

You don't feel like fumbling around with the myriad of web players such as Winamp, Windows Media Player and Real Player? No problem. We've got you covered right here. Simply click the Play button on the player provided below.

Everyone has different computers and settings. Because of this, if the "listen right now" player above does not work for you, please use one of the alternate methods listed below.

Listen In using Winamp, Windows Media Player or Real Player

Many listeners prefer to tune in using external players such as Winamp, Windows Media Player or Real Player. Once tuned in, bookmark us. This is the method we recommend. These players are the most stable methods to tune in. That said, we strongly recommend Winamp. It takes up the least amount of hard drive space and tends to buffer our signal much less frequent than the other two players.

Copy and paste this code

Below are easy to follow steps on how to add Affinity Jamz to Winamp. If you have any problems you can e-mail us at and we will do our best to help you out.



1. Copy the above url
2. Open Winamp and click on File.
3. Now click on 'Play URL'. A new window will open. Paste the URL into that window and click 'Open'.
4. To save Affinity Jamz in your Winamp click on File and then put your mouse over 'Play Bookmark'. Click on 'Add Current As Bookmark'.
- You now have Affinity Jamz saved in your Winamp player. -
Embed Your Own Web Player

If you would like to embed a player onto your web page that looks like the players that appear below, we are happy to provide you with the code. Below are the codes for you both an Auto Start player and a Manual Start player. Simply copy and paste the code that works best for you and your members into your website.