Artie Rodriguez

Artie Rodriguez is a native of the beautiful panhandle of Florida. Staying true to his country roots, Artie loves to perform and entertain audiences around by performing traditional country music.

Artie began his musical career back in 1990 when he joined the country music group from Opp, Alabama called “Young Country”. Artie was the lead vocalist, songwriter and rhythm guitarist for the band till 1995.

Artie has opened for bands such as Sammy Kershaw, Little Texas, John Anderson, McBride and The Ride and Neal McCoy. In March of 2000 he wrote a song titled “ Forget His Memories” in honor of his father, Arthur Rodriguez who was a former POW from the Korean War.

President Clinton’s support staff heard the song and chose Artie out of 1800 people to perform for 10,000 veterans at the 50th Anniversary Korean War Commemorative Ceremony held in Washington DC in June 2000.

When Artie is not performing or songwriting, he is making a living as a deputy sheriff where he is often referred to as the “singing deputy”.

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Modern Rock meets dance-floor Pop and R&B with crunching guitar riffs, catchy hooks, & a female lead singer.

ICE CREAM FIRE was formed in 2010 as a collaboration between Japanese born rock musician Tamon Fujimi & east-coast Jazz/Blues singer Jackie Haydamacha. They also recruit...ed incredibly talented musicians including guitarist Jesse Villalobos from California, bassist Andrew Ford from Florida, and Israeli-born drummer, Yanni Ezer.

Together, they have been rehearsing constantly & playing shows around Southern California at legendary venues like The Roxy, Key Club, Paladino's, Viper Room, & The House of Blues.

They are currently in the studio recording songs to be released later in the year

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Brandon Lepere

Brandon Lepere was off to a great start in country music when he was voted “Junior Male Vocalist of the Year” in a national competition in Las Vegas as a teen. After years of honing his skills as a songwriter and musician, the New Hampshire native is ready to step into the spotlight.

Brandon has collaborated with many artists including David Huff, Bill Champlin, Ralph Murphy, Michael Garvin, The Warren Brothers, Billy Falcon, Earl Bud Lee, Bob Regan, Walt Aldridge, Bridgette Tatum, Anthony J. Resta, Marty Walsh, and Craig Bartock.

Brandon’s talent as a singer and musician, along with his heartfelt vocals and his ability to connect with his audience, breathe soul into his music. “I have a great love and appreciation for the roots of country music. We all owe such a huge debt to those that have gone before us,” says Brandon. “I believe that those folks expect us to pick the ball up and move it on down the field, just as they did. That’s what I’m all about.”

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Cherry Suede

Cherry Suede is established as one of Canada's most exciting live shows.

Young and Scott are taking their music to the people—and the people are going to have fun.

Cherry Suede has found a unique niche by combining the sincerity of rock with the glamor of pop.

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David Langley
David Langley is living and performing in Nashville TN.

Performing Honky Tonk Country, New and Old Country, even a little Classic Rock and Originals, both with full band and acoustic as well.

Singer/Songwriter/Lead Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Plays all guitar work on many CD projects as well as his own.

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Dirk Hamilton

Singer-songwriter Dirk Hamilton was born in Indiana and raised in Northern California.

He moved to Los Angeles in the late 70s and recorded four critically acclaimed albums: two while at ABC Records, and two while at Elektra/Asylum Records.

Hamilton creates music that can't be pigeon-holed into one genre or another, so indie rock, alt-rock, roots music, Americana and folk-rock are often used. For his lyrics and performance style he is most often compared to Dylan, Van Morrison, and John Hiatt.

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Ellie May Kay

Country music artists such as EllieMay come along only once in a while.

Her traditional country sound mixed with bit of an edge gives her a fresh new sound!

Her humble fashion and ability to connect with her fans is what makes her so special! Expect a heart-felt ride with EllieMay because, she always says "I cant sing a song I don't feel or that I cant put myself in".

Playing 150 dates a year consisting of fairs,casinos,festivals,and clubs. The bands Classic Country Sound with that "it" factor edge is the next new thing!

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Ice Cream Fire

Modern Rock meets dance-floor Pop and R&B with crunching guitar riffs, catchy hooks, & a female lead singer.

ICE CREAM FIRE was formed in 2010 as a collaboration between Japanese born rock musician Tamon Fujimi & east-coast Jazz/Blues singer Jackie Haydamacha. They also recruit...ed incredibly talented musicians including guitarist Jesse Villalobos from California, bassist Andrew Ford from Florida, and Israeli-born drummer, Yanni Ezer.

Together, they have been rehearsing constantly & playing shows around Southern California at legendary venues like The Roxy, Key Club, Paladino's, Viper Room, & The House of Blues.

They are currently in the studio recording songs to be released later in the year

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Jeremy Dodge

For as long as I can remember I have had a passion and love for music.  It all started when my dad took me to my first rock concert when I was just 4 years old.  

As I came into my teenage years, I became very involved in my church, but when high school hit, I decided to go my own way and pursue my dream of becoming a musician.  After several hard years of trying to “make it” I ended up broke, depressed and homeless.  Eventually I moved home and  I immediately got back into church and within months met my wife.  I moved to Utah in 1999 where I volunteered as a youth ministry.  I really never had a true desire to teach young people.  But, one night I went with my wife into a youth service where a new found love for young people and a heart to see them set on the right path was discovered.  After that, it was game over and what was once all about me became all about others and I just wanted to help them however I could.

One night while watching Glenn Beck on FOX News, I had a sudden urgency come on me to write a political song. As I continued to watch Glenn Beck, I fought the idea about writing it. I knew how strongly I felt about politics and the current condition of our government and nation, but a political song? Finally, I put all doubt aside and picked up a pen and piece of paper. Within literally five minutes, the song was written. I got into the studio immediately and we pumped the song out in less than a couple sessions. With the help of a close friend, I was given the idea to make a video and everything else is history.

Jimmy Parker

As a vocalist and recording artist, Jimmy Parker wakes up the music scene with a refreshing, original yet traditional style and a unique presence all his own.

Jimmy, set out for his musical career. In 1990 after traveling on his own around the country and playing many places he moved to Nashville, Tn where he currently resides.

Just before his move to Nashville, he released a record called, “Party of One,” a song written by his longtime, late friend, Harlan Sanders. It was released on Scrimshaw Records (owned by Jimmy’s longtime friend, R.C. O’Leary of Nashville) and it went to Number 1 for him in the New England region of the country. It debuted on WHIM in Providence Rhode Island and remained number 1 for 26 straight weeks. This song took him into New England for shows and concerts as a headliner.

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Kellee Maize

In less than a year, Indy Female Rapper & Singer Kellee Maize has remained an independent artist and garnered the following with virtually no budget:

2.5 million+ youtube views
100,000+ twitter and facebook fans
400,000 album downloads
#1 on Amazon and #1 on
1 of only 7 Hip Hop Acts invited to perform at the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2011

Kellee feels that all people have a special gift that will be a piece in the puzzle to transform the world. We are all made of the same energy and therefore are really all one. Music and art will usher in the peaceful revolution we need from our current fear stricken society. We can enjoy this time/space reality while opening hearts and minds and creating lasting change.

Maiden Dixie

Energetic. Passionate. Exuberant. One would be hard-pressed to find a band that more embodies these qualities than Maiden Dixie.

Breaking onto the music scene in the fall of 2011, this country rock septet has been gaining unchecked momentum ever since. They've played every A-list club in the Midwest and opened for dozens of huge artists, Miranda Lambert, Jake Owen, and newcomer Jon Pardi to name a few.

Whether composing, recording or performing live, these seven musicians combine their talents, experience, and love of music to form a true bond with their audience. Comprised of two combat veterans of the Iraq War, six music/composition majors and even a division one basketball player,

Maiden Dixie is an eclectic mix of interesting characters. With an inimitable blending of the country, rock, blues and folk genres, Maiden Dixie guarantees an exciting and enthusiastic live performance that is sure to get the audience up on their feet dancing.
Mark Bray

Mark’s 12-song debut CD is hot off the presses! From “Country Night” and “Forever Again” to the hard driving “Smackdab” and “Let Me Know That You’re Mine!” there are no B-side cuts here! The CD features fresh re-writes of two of Mark's earliest compositions “Someday” & “Then I Wake Up” and a powerful 2-step dance cover of "Rocky Mountain High". John Denver's classic was Mark’s pick for a cover song to record for the project and he does it justice. His story relates to the lyrics in curious ways and this rendition is shaking it up in country music dance clubs in the south where the track is being previewed.

Mark Bray's first digital release entitled “The Gasoline Blues” featuring the song “Y’Opec” was released in the spring of 2011. “Y’Opec”, described by one critic as “The joke song that isn’t a joke”, is a lighthearted commentary on gas prices that brings levity to an otherwise serious issue. A second EP, “Meet Mark Bray” including the song “Liberty”, hit digital retailers a few months later. “Liberty” is a patriotic song of which the net proceeds from its release on “Meet Mark Bray” are being donated to the A rated veterans charity the “Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund”.

Originally hailing from Denver Colorado, he spent several years as a DJ at the most popular dance club in South Florida while singing in local country bands. He attended college in California, has a degree from The Broadcasting Institute of Maryland and produces sports news segments for a Baltimore TV station.

He is also the top TV host and color-guy for Maryland Championship Wrestling! MCW is 100% behind Mark's country music and some of his material could become theme songs & music videos for their exciting new syndication deals!  

Mike Corrado

Singer/songwriter and U.S. Marine, Mike Corrado has recently garnered national radio and television airplay after releasing his latest EP "Stand".

The video for the EP's title track has been picked up by, CMT Pure and is being broadcast to all the troops and families deployed and stationed overseas by the American Forces Television Network.

No stranger to the limelight, Mike released “On My Watch Tonight” from his 2005 album Falling Awake. It has became an anthem for service men and women around the world.

He performs 200-250 shows a year. In June, while in Nashville he appeared in a music video for John Rich then wrapped up the summer opening up for the Black Eyed Peas and has opened for Bon Jovi on the kick off of their “The Circle” world tour.

Mike, his story and music have been featured nationally on CNN, ABC, CBS, Rolling Stone Magazine, American Forces Radio & Television and on multiple cable Music-On-Demand channels.

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No Tell Motel

We are a 4 piece Southern rock/Modern Country band From Maryland.

People who have infulenced us are Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brantley Gilbert, Jason Aldean,vMontgomery Gentry,vJohnny Cash,vStevie Ray Vaughn,vVan Zant and Luke Bryan.

Roy Shiels

Roy Shiels is a rock musician & singer/songwriter from Dublin, Ireland.

He draws influence from bands & artists such as Arcade Fire, Smashing Pumpkins, Slint, Talking Heads & most things alternative.

Roy is promoting the release of his debut EP "The Teenage Storm" (available on i-Tunes). 

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Stars Go Dim

Stars Go Dim formed in 2007 as a side project for three members of Pillar, a Christian rock band based in Tulsa, OK.

Stars Go Dim made their studio debut that October with the release of a self-titled EP. They continued writing songs, eventually returning in 2009 with the full-length Love Gone Mad.

Stars Go Dim

Static Era

The band’s gutsy ‘heavy pop’ rock is full of energy, soul and attitude.

Seasoned rock veterans Chris Yong (Tadpole, Redline), Dave Rhodes (Stylus) and Craig Taylor (Second Theory) provide the muscular musical backbone behind Emma’s soaring vocals. Emma has been writing songs and singing live since childhood, performing in bars and clubs as a solo acoustic artist all over New Zealand.

“I’m inspired by all types of music, from Tracy Chapman to Metallica but when I write, I usually draw on my own life experiences and believe me, I’ve had a few!” explains Emma.

Start was chosen as the first single by Static Era fans and in return, is available as a free download through their website (

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Hello my name is Abram Taylor, my stage name is TaylorMade. I’m a story teller rapping about my life through my eyes as a young black male and putting it into words were everybody can relate. I’m 33 years young and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Now I live in Austin, Texas making great Hip Hop slash Rap Music.

I performed in Austin, Texas at Kick Butt Coffee on August 12th, 2009 for this booking company called Afton. I wrote song’s and worked with many different unsigned artists. My goal is to create a fan base doing local shows and events giving out my business cards. Plus collecting email address for a free MP3 track from my new album. I’m also sending out my demo CD’s to Independent and Major Record Label’s.

People say that heard my music I rap like DMX, 2Pac, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Warren G and many more artist to large to name. I won’t stop until my dream of becoming a well known best lyricist around the world comes true to seeing the light of day in reality. I thank you for reading this from a man who love’s making music for his fans Yours Truly TaylorMade.

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The Optical Illusion

The Optical Illusion, based in New York, is a new alternative band with incredible potential and desire to succeed. It's music is guitar driven with subtle keyboards, intricate orchestration, and powerful lyrics that are genuine and meaningful.

Founded by the brother tandem of Keith and Wayne Cousin, The Optical Illusion is the embodiment of substance with style.

Over their 11 year history of song writing, both brothers experimented with various types of musical styles.

This debut CD incorporates some of these musical influences: The Beatles, The Cars, Rick Springfield, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and Tears for Fears to name a few.

Uncle Don Clark

Uncle Don Clark taught himself to play guitar at age 10 and at age 10 1/2 he wrote his first folk folk song.

The next 37 1/2 years he worked perfecting a style. His performances consist of 90-99% originals.

He is also in a band called The Secret Commonwealth, a Celto-eclectic folk rock band.

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