When people ask me how I came about the name djcouclagirl (kooklagirl):it means doll in greek and I worked for greek people for many years, I have been called coucla, cocula, coochie, just to mention a few from people trying to pronounce couclagirl. I am very happy to be joining the affinity jamz family of dj's and listeners.

I have always had a great love of music of all decades and genres, and am sometimes called the trivia queen of music, due to I tend to remember songs and artists who have done the song, but with music being an ever changing entertainment I find I am always learning new and interesting songs. I do not have any favorite artists or songs.

I am happily married to thedonfather7, we where married in 2005. We have no children, but we do have two furbabies and a winged pain in the ears we call major (who likes to steam my line recs) I am orginally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada but live in Oregon.